My Bio


My name is Duc Su. I was raised in Southern California living in Saitama, Japan since December of 2008.

I am currently seeking a career as a network administrator. My passion for computers go back several years when I was pursuing my Bachelor of Science degree in Network and Communications Management at DeVry University. During that time, I worked as a voice/data cable technician for several reputable contractors for 11 years. Some of the projects I was involved were Kaiser Permanente, Northrop Grumman, Prudential, NBC studios, and DreamWorks.

The telecommunications field is a very broad term, there are many different avenues to explore. One can never keep up with this growing technology. We can, however, read about its existence through news articles, blogs, wiki, etc. Since my experiences are more technical, I have been learning web designing, web developing, webmaster administering, SEO optimization, and graphic designing using Adobe Illustrator. My first attempt in creating a website for a friend who needed to spread the word about his former employer to be unionize wasn't a showcase, but it was a learning curve I will never forget.

My Hobby

On my spare time, I enjoy flying my remote control helicopters. I started this hobby 10 years ago and am heavily active.

It is an exciting challenge to master it's control. The possibilities are endless as to what you can do with this machine in the air. Some hobbyists will say it is nerve wreaking to learn, while others will say it is an adrenaline rush. The proficiency level depends on the individual's determination, dedication, and perspiration. Don't expect to be the best if you are just a weekend flyer. I am not an ace, but I am determine to be at this level one day.

In addition to helicopters, I have also ventured into photography. My main focus is on landscape hdr, but I do not limit myself to such. My subjects could be of anything I find interesting. You can view my work over at Flickr.

- Duc Su

How I Work

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