If you find yourself in a foreign country and your passport book is about to expire, don't panic. Renewing a US passport abroad is straight forward, much the same way as if you are renewing the passport in the USA. I am going to explain how I renewed my passport from Japan. The idea is the same if you are living in a different country. You would need to search for the US Embassy in your country for the correct mailing address to sent in your application.

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I missed last year's Christmas Illumination lighting in Tokyo Midtown, so I decided to go this year's. It's more than likely that it will be the same. The only difference is the weather maybe freezing cold. It's better than having it to rain I suppose. As it turned out, the weather was perfect. No rain was forecast; the temperature wasn't as cold either.

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A bit late in posting my trip since I went on November 15, 2012. But better late than never. Ever since I came to Japan back in 2008, one of the many sites I wish to visit has finally come true, Hiroshima. Although Hiroshima city is small in size with a population of 1,181,410 compare to the population in Tokyo at 13,216,221 in 2012, Hiroshima first thought to one's mind is the atomic bombings on 1945.

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I have been waiting for this opportunity for about 3 years now. As you may know, there are only 2 months window to climb Mt. Fuji safely. July and August. Any months before or after, you risk yourself in grave danger as the temperture can reach -40c and wind can exceed 70km. Also, the stations and huts are closed during those times. However, if you are an experienced alpine climber, you would stand the chance. Nevertheless, I strongly suggest you plan your climb within those two months window if you are a beginner.

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When it comes to working in Japan, it is not all fun and game. All Japanese in the workforce take their jobs seriously. Either white or blue collar workers. Their mentalities are equally the same. They are strong-minded,sincere,polite, and above all they are punctual. Whether there'd earthquakes, tsunami, thunder/lighten storms, or heavy rain, Japanese will find their way to get to work one way or another.

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