It's official. I am a daddy! My baby Shion was born on June 14, 2011 @ 11pm. Weighing at 3210g and 49.8cm tall, I am proud of my boy. Let the fun time begins, but first we must take care of some legal matters.

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The recent earthquake/tsunami which struck northern Japan region area has been recorded to be the number one earthquake disaster since their 1930's earthquake. On Friday, March 11, 2011 at 2:25pm, an earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0, shook Japan's northeastern coastline. The initial shake lasted several minutes which felt like an eternity. As if that wasn't enough, a 13-foot tsunami wave washed cars and tore away buildings along the coast near the epicenter. I do not live near Miyagi Prefecture where the epicenter appeared to be. However, the strong quake was felted throughout Japan mainland. Many foreigners have left Japan for their own safety. My families and friends have urged me to come home for a while until things settle down. We do not plan on leaving but are watching the news closely. If situations get out of control, we will.

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Anita Anne's franchise Pretzel shop introduces its first store in Ikebukuro, Japan with 82 more expected to follow within five years time span. Auntie Anne's was one of my favorite soft pretzel shape bread back in the states. Although, I haven't tried their pretzel in Japan, Auntie Anne's is on my to-do list of places to vist.

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One of my cats, Miffy, pasted away on October 25. We raised her when she was a kitten when we were still living in the states. During that time, she has had no complications as far as health issues were concern. She was very healthy and active as a house cat. Of course, she may at times be somewhat frisky with us, but it is in their nature to act this way.

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When it comes to food, I can try most things with the exception of raw fish or anything that is raw. I know sushi is the #1 delicacy in Japan, which is why I am always ashamed to answer that question to others. Do you like sushi? I have tried it in the past and the experience was not too pleasant. Let's just say that my stomach didn't agree with what I had to give it.

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