Japanese dishes are great; however, sometimes your taste bud needs to take a break from it all and try different dishes. If you are into Mexican food and are around Tokyo area, you can stop by this small fast food joint call Frijoles located in Azabu-Juban.

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Although I am not a fan of sumo wrestling, I was told that they smell very sweet whenever you are near them. Since I have never been to a match, I was fortunate to have crossed path with a few sumo wrestlers on their off training days in local cities and markets. I do agree; sumos do smell great. So what is that sweet smelling aroma? It is call tea seed oil (camellia oil) that sumo use to style their hair in a top-knot Tokoyama tradition before a bout. In addition to sumo wrestlers, geisha use tea oil as well to smooth and condition their hair for many centuries.

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I had a chance to visit Ueno park this weekend. Although this wasn't my first visit, I have been there several times in the past, but I never finished seeing all there is about the park. It is actually pretty big and it is one of the famous parks in Tokyo. Within the park lies a zoo, Kaneiji temple, concert hall, and several museums. It is also home to many homeless people.

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Across the street from my house rest a vacant 2-story building that has not been in operation for over 10 years. When I say across the street, I really mean across the street. The distance from my side of the house to the other side is about 50 feet. Why am I writing about this furui (old) building? We were told that a company had purchased this land and will be building an apartment here, hence the newly built temporary gate in the distance. The gate was put up to deter cars from parking in that lot. Myself included.

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I do believe Japan has some of the best snacks (okashi) around. Their taste is quite different compared to USA. If you have tried them before, you know what I am talking about. Being a snack junkie myself, I love them all. One of my favorite in particular, is a drink call Ramune. This clear carbonated drink taste like Sprite cola. I think it taste more like bubble gum to be exact. Ramune was not originated from Japan. It derived from America in the form of lemonade drink with the bottle coming from the United Kingdom. Japan than packaged the product like so.

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