The iPhone 4G has been revealed and the release date is set to June 24th. Will you be one of the fanatics waiting in line the night before the release date?

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I have heard about the JET Program vaguely in the past and have not thought about it much let alone visited their website until recently. For anyone who doesn`t know about this program, let me briefly explain. The JET program stands for The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program. JET is conducted by local authorities and other organizations of Japan in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Ministry of Foreign, Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Affairs. The objectives of the program aims to improve foreign language education in Japan and to encourage international exchange at the local level by fostering ties between Japanese youth and foreign youth.

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I have been going to QB House for my monthly haircut ever since I came to Japan. I am not into the fashion trend and I have no preference in having my hairstyle to look a certain way. A nice clean cut is all I want. No shampoo, no gel, no shaving, and no messaging of my hair. Simple and fast. QB house was the answer, however.

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Last year in July of 2009, I had a chance to check out the famous Gundam robot. The life-size robot stood 18 meters (59`) tall over looking Tokyo bridge in Odaiba. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Gundam was open for viewing in Odaiba island for 2 months. The admission was free of charge.

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Japanese driving laws is somewhat unusual to me. The process of obtaining a license involves series of tests. I can't remembered exactly, but there are 2 written and 2 driving exams one must take before obtaining the official license. It is not like the US where a student can obtain a learner`s permit and anyone that is older than 21 of age can teach that person to drive. The driving test in Japan is different to say the least.

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