This is not related to Japan, but I thought I'd share this service with you. A friend of mine ask me if it is possible to broadcast a live feed with a rally he will be participating. I don`t see why not, I told him. He also told me a person he knew was doing just that. She showed him a live video via the Internet where she can monitor her dog 24hrs a day via her computer. The service she used is call Ustream. I did a quick search and found out this service is pretty cool. Ustream allows you to broadcast your live feed using a webcam over the world wide Web. Anyone can tune in to your channel and watch you over the net, live! All you need is a webcam, computer, and Internet connection. The process is very simple; anyone can set it up in just 10 minutes.

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I have to admit; I was not an ECO friendly person in the past, but Japan has changed all that. I was used to having two big trash bins outside the house provided by the city and all we need to do was to put all trash in the black bin and all greens in the green bin. Then, we take the bins out once a week to have it empty. Simply as that. Japan is quite different. Every household are required to recycle their trash and throw them out on certain days. Anything is not consider regular trash. We have to separate paper, plastic, PET bottle, metal, aluminum, and glass bottle individually. Let me explain.

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Checked my emails today and I got this email that is out of the ordinary. I suppose it is a spam, but if you read it, it is more like a scam. Personally, I don`t see the meaning behind spam emails. How much revenues are these individuals thinking they will get? For example. I get emails about $1 Viagra or open up a bank account so I can deposit 30 million dollars into your account because where I am at, the laws forbids me to withdrawal the funds, you won the lottery, click here to claim your prize, etc. WTF? Get real. I pity the gullible recipients who are buying into these crap. If you are in a charity mood, donate your money to a real cause. There are plenty out there.

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In case you guys are wondering why your caller id shows up as a (626) area code or some long digit strings whenever I call you from Japan is because I am using VOIP. Most big businesses use it and it is the cheapest way to go. The call quality is equally the same compared to a landline connection. With the right setup, you can ditch your POT telephone at home.

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Summer is here and the rainy season has officially started. If you live in Japan, you know what that means . Yucky. I am thinking about getting a rain boot this year. Yes, I know it looks funny but it beats walking around all day with your socks and shoes soaked. Not a good feeling at all.

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