A bit late in posting my trip since I went on November 15, 2012. But better late than never. Ever since I came to Japan back in 2008, one of the many sites I wish to visit has finally come true, Hiroshima. Although Hiroshima city is small in size with a population of 1,181,410 compare to the population in Tokyo at 13,216,221 in 2012, Hiroshima first thought to one's mind is the atomic bombings on 1945.

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All foreigners living in Japan will have to go through this process eventually. For some, it could be just a walk in the park and for others, a total nightmare. My visa is due to expire this December. Once again, I have to visit the immigration office. I am writing this post as a reminder for myself when I have to re-do this again in 3 years. The process is pretty simple much like obtaining a Japanese drivers license if you have gone through it once. Of course, not all of us falls in the same criteria and certain documents and or forms must be filled out accordingly. At any rate, the process is pretty much the same for any applicants. To make your process as painless as possible and to limit your trips to the office, I have provided a guideline. At the minimum, you will require to make 2 trips. Read on.

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Almost everyone who surfs the Internet probably have a Facebook account, and if you don't, you are the lucky few who were not drawn into the addictiveness of Facebook lures. For those who have an account and is fairly new in using it or am confuse about using it like me, I have a tip that will enhance your experience even more. We all know that we can upload photos to your account and share with your friends or whoever you like. Did you ever wonder why are the photos you upload via Facebook upload feature are shown smaller than what your original size are? Me too, and I don't know why. However, I do know another method of uploading your photos in high-resolution and in bulks with a few clicks of a button.

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I am always on the web searching for anything I find interesting. One day I was browsing on information about renewing my passport in a foreign country. By accident, I missed type my keyword and an image of an apartment popped up on the screen. My first impression of this building was that it looked real and not real. I dug in further to find out more about this image. As it turned out, the image I saw was not real but a vector illustration. However, the original image was real, the web designer had used a real photo image of a building and "trace" it into a vector illustration. I was very impressed of his work and I wanted to learn more about it.

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My home web server hard drive decided to go into deep hibernation; thus, leaving several of my sites dead. I could have replaced the hard drive and re-setup again, but I am a bit sick of having to reconfigure the server all over again for the 3rd time. In addition, I am also fed up of my computer hardware failing at such an early stage of operation.

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