I had a chance to visit Ueno park this weekend. Although this wasn't my first visit, I have been there several times in the past, but I never finished seeing all there is about the park. It is actually pretty big and it is one of the famous parks in Tokyo. Within the park lies a zoo, Kaneiji temple, concert hall, and several museums. It is also home to many homeless people.

On this particular trip, I visited the Shitamachi museum. If you ever wanted to learn and see how Japan lived in the past, Shitamachi would be an ideal place to check out. Entrance fee is 300yen/adult and 100yen/student. English translation is also provided at the front desk if you choose. The first floor of the museum contained a life size replica of a Nagaya (tenement house) in the Edo era. You can actual step inside each of the tenement's home and experience how they used to lived and worked.

The second floor contained many historical items dating back to the Edo era. Items included a press printing machine, sewing machines, and other appliances. There is even a model of what Japan is most famous for, public baths.

To end the day, I visited the Shinobazu pond and rode on a paddle boat. I figured a scroll around the pond would be relaxing. Little did I know that that wasn't the case. I ended up with leg cramps after the 30 minute ride. The cost of the pain was 600yen/ 30min. Beside stiffed legs, I had a great Sunday afternoon.

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