I received our gas bill the other day from our meter lady. O-M-G. The bill had doubled from our last statement and it is only mid-month. Our house is not that old, nor is it modern built. No central heating/cooling and not enough insulation between the walls apparently. Either, the house gets very cold or very hot during the season. Since we are in winter, a gas stove as we call it is a must have. Just to clarify how cold it gets in our home. At 6 am, our downstairs gas stove temperature reads 3c or 37f. I can literally see vapor coming out of my nose when I exhale.

Before we moved in to this house, we didn't have a gas stove. There is an ac/heater unit in the living room, but I figure the price of electricity will be higher than using gas. So, we decided to get a gas stove instead. It would heat up the room faster and the cost of gas will be cheaper. Apparently, I was wrong. It cost about the same.

What to do now to reduce our gas bill? We definitely cannot afford paying at this rate. Last year, I try not to use the heater as much and just double up on my clothes. It wasn't comfortable; I can still feel the cold air through my feet and hands, but it was bearable. This year is a little different. Instead of just me, I have my 1 1/2 years old son. For some strange reason, he doesn't like to wear clothes. Whatever he can take off from his body, he will. Try walking around the house with just a thin layer baby overall and a diaper.

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