When it comes to working in Japan, it is not all fun and game. All Japanese in the workforce take their jobs seriously. Either white or blue collar workers. Their mentalities are equally the same. They are strong-minded,sincere,polite, and above all they are punctual. Whether there'd earthquakes, tsunami, thunder/lighten storms, or heavy rain, Japanese will find their way to get to work one way or another.

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I don't consider myself too picky when it comes to food. I can eat most type of Japanese food, but there are some I will not eat nor try for that matter. Anything that is not cooked and natto, I will not eat. The taste and smell does not go well with one of my taste buds. Sushi is another. I cannot pop anything uncooked into my mouth without gagging. Other than those two described, I love Japanese food. Of course, one can only eat so much of it before their taste buds starts complaining. Since I am not Japanese and I have grown up to hamburgers and hotdogs, I need a change of varity from time to time. Which leads me to another discovery while living in Japan.

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