I have been living aboard in Japan for over 5 years and it is the time where one would start to miss home. Don't get me wrong, Japan is great. I love the food (most of it that is cooked) and it's culture. I have been living in the states since childhood and there are things I missed doing and the food I enjoy most just aren't available here.

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About a month ago, Tom at Expats blog interviewed me about my life in Japan. You can learn more about me living in the Far East by reading the full interview. Comments are welcome.

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It hardly snows in Tokyo, but on occasion we do see snow falling down much like today. Perfect timing if you ask me. For today is a national holiday. Anyone who works for a big corporation or a government office gets to stay at home and couch. The snow had caught me by surprise actually. I knew it had rained the night before, but snowing the next morning came as a surprise.

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I received our gas bill the other day from our meter lady. O-M-G. The bill had doubled from our last statement and it is only mid-month. Our house is not that old, nor is it modern built. No central heating/cooling and not enough insulation between the walls apparently. Either, the house gets very cold or very hot during the season. Since we are in winter, a gas stove as we call it is a must have. Just to clarify how cold it gets in our home. At 6 am, our downstairs gas stove temperature reads 3c or 37f. I can literally see vapor coming out of my nose when I exhale.

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Well, it's not the coldest place on earth, but it was cold on this particular day. We had a discount voucher for the amusement park, so we decided to use it. Since we went to Disneyland last, it was only fair to choose Disney Sea this time. Going to Disney Sea wasn't planned. It was a spur of a moment thing decided the night before. My wife had requested this Friday off from work last year in December. The forecast looked great, no rain insight and it was after the holidays. Why not?

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