Hello fellow cyber friends. I have a request in which you may help fulfill. For the past months, I have been learning on my own to become a web graphic designer. To get me started, I purchased a copy of Adobe Illustrator as my graphics tool. It is a great software and I have learn so much. There is another piece of software that goes hand-in-hand with AI, I feel will definitely help me progress. This piece of software is call VectorScribe by Astute Graphics. Unfortunately, AI carries a high price tag which has set me back and am unable to purchase this plugin on my own.

This is where you come in. All I am asking is for you to donate $1.40 US using your Paypal account. I only need 119 people to help fill my donation box. What you will get in return is my unconditional gratitude and thank you. Please spread the word by tweet, retweet, like, and share. Thank you very much for your time. My Paypal account is 'duc_sue@hotmail.com'

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