Across the street from my house rest a vacant 2-story building that has not been in operation for over 10 years. When I say across the street, I really mean across the street. The distance from my side of the house to the other side is about 50 feet. Why am I writing about this furui (old) building? We were told that a company had purchased this land and will be building an apartment here, hence the newly built temporary gate in the distance. The gate was put up to deter cars from parking in that lot. Myself included.

This building, when it was in operation, used to be a bank. It was owned by Korean investors until the bank went belly-up. Ever since then, it was just an empty lot. Why did it went out of business? Well, let's see. If I had to guess, I may say that this bank was in a residential area on a side street away from the main street. I can't image anyone would be able to see this bank hidden inside a small community.

I wished we had a say in this matter whether to build a new building in our area or not, but we don't. I am not too thrilled about this either. For one, our town-house is practically covered by other surrounding mansions. In turns, this mean we have few hours of sun shining through our house. This new apartment will only decrease the sun`s ray even more.

As if this is not even, our street will be a construction zone. Delivery trucks, construction workers, generators blasting all day long. To make matters worse, our house is in the front-line. I will update the progress as time goes by. It will be interesting to see the before, after, and anything in between progress.

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