I have owned ducsu.com domain ever since 2006. Could have been longer; I can't remember. Why did I purchased it? At the time, I've read an article that it was a cool thing to do to own your very own domain. I knew nothing about web designing and web hosting. So ducsu.com just sat in my registrar for couple of years. After which, I decided to put it to use and self taught myself how to create a personal website. I watched video tutorials on html and php, than I put my quick knowledge of what I know about html and created my personal site. It wasn't pretty; no, it was awful to say the least. Again, ducsu.com went into hiding once more.

A few more years flew by and I still kept my domain active, I wanted to try again. This time I wanted to host, create, and maintain ducscu.com all by myself. It is possible with free dns services offer on the net and tutorials we can follow for any level of experiences. Equipped with an Intel P4 chip using Ubuntu Server Edition OS, ducsu.com rose from the dead for the second time. I had a blast learning how to host a website. With full control of what I can install, I had setup a web/mail server running at home. Unfortunately, all things must come to an end. For me, it happened way to soon. One of my hard drives went bad and it had to be the main drive running the server. Sadly, my site went dark. I could have replaced the drive and start over; however, I didn't want to go through the setup process again since it took me over a month to configured what I had. To bring ducsu.com back online, I found Weebly. I must say, the service is well worth a try spin. Did I mention it is free*?

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