It's official. I am a daddy! My baby Shion was born on June 14, 2011 @ 11pm. Weighing at 3210g and 49.8cm tall, I am proud of my boy. Let the fun time begins, but first we must take care of some legal matters.

Filing a report of birth of a child isn't as hard as one may think. It is fairly easy provided you have the necessary documents the Embassy asks for. My experience registering my new born was a breeze. I was out of their office in about an hour with an appoinment. If you need to register your new born with the US Embassy and am not sure how, I have provided some suggestions and tips to ease some of your confusing and or questions. All the forms needed can be downloaded from the Internet via Japan US Embassy ACS. Depending on your case, you may also need to go to your local city hall to register your new born and obtain an original copy of "Shusshou Todoke Kisai Jiko shomeisho" certificate to be submitted to the US Embassy. Make sure to register your baby no latter than 14-days after your baby is born or you will also need to fill out an apology form as well. While you are at the local office, ask if they offer some form of paid doctor expense for your child. It is a service provided by your city only. Most of your baby's doctor expensive will be 30% covered until the age of 7.

In addition to reporting the birth of a child, you can also apply for your child's passport and social security card. Why wouldn't you? This will save you time and another trip to the office later. The majority of the forms are self explanatory. If you aren't sure of what to write down, there are sample forms you can view as well. I was a bit worry about the 'Evidence of physical presence' section. The primary evidence the Embassy asks for was either a high school transcript (copy is ok too) or wage statements. I didn't have my transcript handy and I didn't know if they wanted the original or a copy at that time. Luckily, I had several of my W-2 forms. The person who handled my applications said it was perfect. Just to be safe, I also submitted a couple of years of my tax forms.

One photo is needed for the passport application. You have roughly two choices of obtaining the photo. Either you bring your new born to a professional studio or you can do it yourself. If the first choice is not an option as the studio maybe too far to go, you can take the photo of your child yourself and bring the memory card to your local print store. If you choice the latter, please follow this guide line to take the appropriate photo of your child. Make sure you adhere to the photo requirements so you will be not rejected because the photo was not to their standards. Once you have taken your photo, use this form.

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