I've jumped on the bandwagon of Instagram since it is one of the most popular social photo sharing media now. Whether you are a business owner or a photographer trying to promote your brand or work, Instagram is the way to go. If you are currently using Instagram and am not happy with the numbers of followers you have, I have a solution for you. Before I start explaining how to gain more Real Followers, I will list some of the 'other' methods out there floating around that don't work and why this method does.

Like most of you current Instagramers, you may have one point or another looked for ways to gain more followers. You may have paid money, ask for shout-outs, follow someone and like their stupid photos, and or used popular hashtags to get followers. Some of which may work and some simply does not. I should know. I've tried most of them, but not the paying method one. I say this method gets you real followers and I do mean it because I have tried it myself. While this method will get you active followers, it will take some effort and time on your part to make it happen. It is quite simple, but at the same time repetitive.

How to get Real Instagram Followers

Before getting started. This is the time for current Instagramers to reduce their following ratio. Most users frown on others having too many following than followers. If you are that person and don't like or comment on their photos, now is the time to drop them. Don't worry, they will get over it.

  1. Set your profile to private - I don't like the idea myself since you want to let the world know about your brand, but it has its reasons. By setting your profile to private, it give you an option to filter out the fake followers who aren't going to like or comment on your photos by not accepting their request. They are call 'ghost followers.' It maybe good and it maybe bad depending on how you see it. It also lets you keep track on how many who wants to follow you back.

  2. Create a catchy bio - Since your potential followers will not be able to view your images, they can only see your picture and bios. Create an awesome bios about yourself. Include a link to your brand or portfolio if you have one. Upload a clear and nice photo of yourself or anything that might catch your viewer's eyes and want to press that follow button.

  3. Follow followers. Find an account whose not private and follow all their followers. Any person will do. Here is my method and reasoning. Instead of going to a famous person and follow their followers, I look for a person that doesn't have too many followers and their liked photos are close matches to their followers ratio. The reason why I don't follow famous people's followers because most of them are probably fakes and or followers who just want to follow to get followers. Hope that makes sense. The point is. I want real followers who will like photos and possibly comment on them. Note: When following followers, don't press too fast on the button and don't go over 1,000 followers a day. I don't know the exact hours of what a day would be. Maybe 12 hours? I do know if you press too fast and exceed 1,000 followers within a few hours, your account will be temporarily blocked for abusing the system. You will get a warning sign when this happens. Depending on what you were doing before getting blocked, the feature will be disabled anywhere between 1-12 hours. So, if you were following followers, that feature will be blocked but other feature within your account still works.

  4. Unfollow followers. After you have follow your 1,000 followers, unfollow them. Goto your following tab and unfollow who you just followed. There is a limit of how many you can unfollow within 10 minutes. The same goes true for following followers above. You are allow to unfollow/follow 50 accounts each 10 minutes. After that, it will not work. Count to 50 and stop for 10 minutes and then continue.

  5. Accept requests. During the time you are following followers, your follow requests will accumulate. That is a good thing. What I general do is I let the request build up for about 12 hours. During that time, I repeat the process of following and unfollowing people. Right before I accept their request, I have an image ready to upload so the new followers will see my image on their feed if they are online at that moment. That is the process. Repeat the steps over and over again until you are satisfy with the number of followers you have. The sooner you do it the sooner you can set your profile back to public. On average, if I follow 1,000 followers, I get about 100+- requests. 10K followers can be reach in about 1 month or less depending if you do this everyday.

My personal tips

  • Make an effort on liking other people's photos if they have liked yours. Either one or a handful of them.
  • Be an active user. At least log-in once a day to upload a photo or interact with users by liking or commenting.
  • Upload interesting photos between one or 2-5 a day. If you have a lot, spread them out in days. It is not often you get to go out and shoot. Think of these images as reserve for those times you are busy not holding your camera.
  • Use filters to enhance your photos.
  • Use a moderate amount of hashtags pertaining to your photos when your profile is set to public.
  • Get more likes by using popular hashtags. You can get them by downloading apps in the Appstore.
  • Delete old hashtags that have been posted for a few hours from old photos. Doing this will let your viewers think your photos are popular without the help of tags.
  • Commenting on photos will get you followers than just liking photos.


Although, you will be getting real followers you will also lose some of them as well. Why? Simply because you aren't following them back and they have these app that tells them who is not following back. Some will let you know not to 'follow to unfollow' by commenting on your photo. Some will even go as far as to block you. I wouldn't worry too much on those kind of people. There are plenty more out there. That is why it is vital to upload photos that are interesting or pleasing to look at. Who knows, you may lock in all your followers.

Let me know if this method works for you and have given you better results than what you are currently using by commenting below. Feel free to follow me on Instagram. I am a hobbyist photographer who likes taking landscape photos, but I don't limit myself to just that. Be warn, I may not follow you back, but I do believe in #likeforlike and make the effort to do so.

It works, but you want faster results? If you have any further questions or need help to get the ball rolling, contact me. You can also indulge yourself with some seo tips by checking out bhw.

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