It hardly snows in Tokyo, but on occasion we do see snow falling down much like today. Perfect timing if you ask me. For today is a national holiday. Anyone who works for a big corporation or a government office gets to stay at home and couch. The snow had caught me by surprise actually. I knew it had rained the night before, but snowing the next morning came as a surprise.

I didn't go out, although I should have. Instead, I took my camera and snap some photos and a videos I titled "It Doesn't Snow in Tokyo Or Does It." right outside my door. It's ok. This February we will have a family gathering up at Yuzawa. Plenty of snow will be waiting for us there. This would be Shion's second time seeing snow. Of course, I don't think he will remember much going on 1 1/2 years old.

Snow only means one thing. It is colder than usual. Not that it doesn't get cold in Japan, because it does. For any travelers who are going to visit or will be staying during the winter season here, make sure you pack warm. Tokyo can get very cold. Temperatures can drop down to 0c during the day. Expect even lower temperatures at night. One suggestion I highly recommend to keep warm is getting a decent down-jacket. Don't settle for a cheap quality down. Purchase one with at least 95% down. Make sure you look at the label and don't purchase the jacket by it's thickness. More than likely, the jacket will have more polyester stuffed inside than down feathers. Spend at least a $100 price tag. Your body will thank you for it.

For anyone who are new to down material or don't know what they are. Basically, it is a nylon shell jacket stuff with down goose feathers. It is light weight and retains your body heat between the layers of your clothes. Keep in mind. Don't think you only need to wear a down jacket by itself to keep warm. It doesn't work that way. You also need to wear more layers of warm clothes underneath the down. For example, a sweater, scarf, thermal.

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