I am always on the web searching for anything I find interesting. One day I was browsing on information about renewing my passport in a foreign country. By accident, I missed type my keyword and an image of an apartment popped up on the screen. My first impression of this building was that it looked real and not real. I dug in further to find out more about this image. As it turned out, the image I saw was not real but a vector illustration. However, the original image was real, the web designer had used a real photo image of a building and "trace" it into a vector illustration. I was very impressed of his work and I wanted to learn more about it.

The software I chose to learn vector artwork is Adobe Illustrator. Adobe has been around for quite some time and most web designers suggest Illustrator as their main tool. Before starting on some of his tutorials, I needed to learn the basic on how to operate Illustrator. I spend a couple of days watching videos on the fundamental basics. After which, I started on my first tutorial lesson. You can see some of the vector illustrations I did thus far on Deviantart. In addition, some of my illustrations were featured on vectortutsplus. I take no credit on the original vector images; however, all the vector images you see were done by me.

Oh yea, I did managed to find information on how to renew my passport in a foreign country. Submitted my application and am waiting for my fresh passport to arrive soon, I hope.

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