I've moved to Japan back in the end of 2008 after living in the states for many years. My wife, whose a Japanese decent, decided she wanted to move back to her hometown. It wasn't easy having to relocate my whole life from the states to a different country. Plans started in motion a year before we physically moved. We shipped what we could and sell what we couldn't bring or pack in a box. The most time consuming process was our 3 cats we have. It wasn't as simple as just placing them in individual cases and buy their plane tickets. Japan, as well as other countries, has regulations and procedures in bringing live stocks from aboard. One of which is blood test for each cats. Japan needed to make sure our cats are not a threat to their country as for as foreign diseases are concern. The blood work took over 8 months to process along with certain documentations.

Having that said, legal documents have to be filed for myself to be able to live and work in Japan legally if I were to stay in Japan for over 3 months. Strangely enough, one would thought the procedures and necessary documentations needed would be the same whether in Japan or in the states. In fact, it was much easier to file within the states as there were less documents required for proof of marriage and sponsorship. My intentions was to move first, than file the paper work when I settle in Japan. I chose the first so I don't run into problems.

When the smoke cleared and all bodies were accounted for, it was time for me to adjust to a new atmosphere and surroundings. Quickly I got bored as I had no friends to hang out with. Most of my free time, I'd stayed home. I couldn't even fly my R/C helicopters because where I live, there are no flatlands big enough. I needed to find another hobby fast before I commit suicide.

One way I past the time was to write a journey of myself living here. A splendid idea to let my family and friends back home know how I'm doing. I had a general idea of what i needed to do as far as creating a website and finding a hosting company to store my files. Being the person that I am, I wanted a challenge. I wanted to learn all there is to know about becoming a web developer. I searched the web, visited forum sites and dissected some php scripts to arouse my curiosity. Within 2 months, I have setup a home web server and created a couple of static sites for friends. My main goal was to create a personal weblog and write about my experiences while living in Japan in hopes that other foreigners could benefit from and more importantly let my family know that I'm doing well. This is how Scenic From Afar came about.

Granted there are many blogging system scripts available on the Internet. Some have many cool features for visitors to experience, however they may charge a fee or it maybe too complicated to implement or understand as far as coding is concern. My intention was to find a simple blogging system to learn, study, and later add features to it. I found Maian Script World while searching for such a script. What makes this site unique from the rest is that the developer offers his scripts for free to share on his own time. Every scripts he offers are fully coded with documented instruction & explanation of each features. Furthermore, he also offers free support to anyone who have questions.

As mentioned above, Maian Weblog Script is a simple blogging system for anyone who doesn't need the complicated features which other scripts have usually for a nominal fee. Some of the highlighted features for weblog script includes selectable themes, choice of language pack (if available), admin login backend and more.

Moreover, Weblog is fairly easy to setup even for a beginner provided you read the documentation to understand the developer's intentions. Weblog is currently at Version 4, thus, most if not all issues have been ironed out. If you are comfortable, you may edit the script to add any features or tweak the code to your liking. The script is not encoded meaning all files are customizable. The sky's the limit. Be creative. The only line of codes you are not allow to edit is the footer with his back link. However, the back link can be remove if you choose to purchase a license. Enough said. Give Maian Weblog script a try if you haven't downloaded a copy. You have nothing to lose. Did I mention the script is also free? You can also view the frontend demo or the backend (admin) demo by clicking on the links.

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