I have been neglecting my site for a very long time now. Partly because of my baby Shion who is not really a baby anymore. He is over two years old and requires a little more attention. The other main reason is that I have found a new hobby that I should have started a long time ago. Photography. More of that in my next post.

To recap of what has happened to me for the past few months. Well, nothing really. Nothing exciting to write home about anyways. I did however, climbed Mt. Fuji for the second time with 2 other distant friends who came over this August. We did the all night climb on August 1. Once was not enough for me I suppose. The weather was decent, although it rained mildly for about an hour. The temperature was cold as usual. I think it was about 5c further up the top.

Besides taking this awesome photo with the flags, suggested by me and purchased by my German friend, I also ordered an official certificate of reaching the summit endorsed by Yamanashi Tourism Organization only a few can receive. You must provide a proof of photo that you have climbed to the top in order to be eligible for the certificate.

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