I have been waiting for this opportunity for about 3 years now. As you may know, there are only 2 months window to climb Mt. Fuji safely. July and August. Any months before or after, you risk yourself in grave danger as the temperture can reach -40c and wind can exceed 70km. Also, the stations and huts are closed during those times. However, if you are an experienced alpine climber, you would stand the chance. Nevertheless, I strongly suggest you plan your climb within those two months window if you are a beginner.

I am not a climber myself, I wanted to see for myself what the fuss was about since I have heard stories from the net what a specticular sunrise view from 3720m above sea level can be. Also, I just wanted to prove to myself if I can conquer it. There are two popular options you can choose.

One is that you can take an experience guide with you and hike a 2 day venture up the mountain. You will most likely start your ascent at 6pm and rest at the 8 station until 12am and hike again to the top and wait for the sunrise between 4:30 and 5am. The other option is to do an all night climb starting no later than 10pm like myself. Keep in mind that most stories on the internet will say the hike is about 6 hours to the top from the 5 station. It doesn't include the rest time. Depending on your ability, the amount of rest can vary. Plan to ascent with decent amount of time to make it before sunrise and also there will be a lot of foot traffic between 8 and 9 station.

Take it from me who have been up there and experienced the climb. It is not easy as you may have read from other posts. Pack light and pack cautiously. Prepare for unexpected weather inclination.

Panoramic view from top of Mt. Fuji
Panoramic view from mid-level

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