Almost everyone who surfs the Internet probably have a Facebook account, and if you don't, you are the lucky few who were not drawn into the addictiveness of Facebook lures. For those who have an account and is fairly new in using it or am confuse about using it like me, I have a tip that will enhance your experience even more. We all know that we can upload photos to your account and share with your friends or whoever you like. Did you ever wonder why are the photos you upload via Facebook upload feature are shown smaller than what your original size are? Me too, and I don't know why. However, I do know another method of uploading your photos in high-resolution and in bulks with a few clicks of a button.

PicasaUploaderDesktop is an app you can get via Facebook search. It is a small client software you run from your pc whenever you want to upload your photos. After which, you will have the exact size of the original and not a shrunken down size that facebook reduces it to. Compare it to yourself when you have installed PicasaUploadDesktop and upload a photo, than compare that photo to one of your existing photos in your album. See the differences?

In addition, you can mass upload photos in bulk (up to 49 photos at a time) using PicasaUploadDesktop in an instance. To download the client, log in to your Facebook account and search for 'picasauploader', this will bring you to Picasa's page. From there, click on 'go to app'. I suggest you download the app manually and not click on the green install button. This method will install the regular Picasa software which isn't what you want. The manually method is the one that has the correct installer.

If you can't find the manual download link, you can download and install PicasaUploadDesktop by clicking on the link provided. After which, run the .exe file and follow the instruction to install your first batch of photos. Be prepare to be amaze.

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