One of my cats, Miffy, pasted away on October 25. We raised her when she was a kitten when we were still living in the states. During that time, she has had no complications as far as health issues were concern. She was very healthy and active as a house cat. Of course, she may at times be somewhat frisky with us, but it is in their nature to act this way.

Her health took a turn eight months after we moved to Japan. Her first complication was her kidney. One of her vessels was clogged and prevented her urinal from existing. We admitted her into the University of Tokyo hospital for animals where she undergo a complex operation to reroute the clogged vessel. There was a chance the operation may not pull through and Miffy may die. Fortunately, Miffy beat the odds and the operation was a success. She was released from the hosiptal good as new after the 2 months ordeal.

Unfortunately, other complications followed. One of which ones was a tumor growing on her lower lip. The doctor said it wasn't spreading to her body, but the tumor will growth in size. For the past 4 months, we monitored the tumor. Just like the doctor said, the tumor had grown fairly large. It affected Miffy's ability to eat and drink on her own. I had to hand feed her twice a day and use a syringe to feed her water. Furthermore, the tumor became unbearable for Miffy. Her conditions were slowly deteriorating. She lost several grams in weight, was dehydrated constantly, vomitted once a day, and was having trouble going to the restroom.

Dear Miffy, We wish you well on your journey to a better place. The 12 years you have been with us has been most memorable. We hoped you feel the same way. Rest in peace now. Eri and I will miss you dearly. One day, we all will meet again. Love, Eri & Duc

I felt Miffy's condition will not improve, nor was the medications prescribed by our local vet helping. It was a tough decision to make; we decided to put her to sleep. This was the only way she can get better. One day before bringing her to the local vet for anesthesia, Miffy pasted away on her own. Could she had sense we were going to put her to sleep and she couldn't let us go through with the process? The thought of 'pulling the plug' was too much to bear for both of us. She decided to do it on her own? Whatever the reasons were, Miffy will not live until morning. I saw it in her eyes and what's left of her strength that night. She was weaker than usual. Before going to bed, I saw her laying down in an unusual position. A position we all can imagine.

The next morning, I found Miffy under the sofa lying motionlessly. I knew she has left us. I stood over for a few seconds, before coming to her. Miffy has been with us for the past 12 years. We love her dearly. Rest in peace.

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