I have been going to QB House for my monthly haircut ever since I came to Japan. I am not into the fashion trend and I have no preference in having my hairstyle to look a certain way. A nice clean cut is all I want. No shampoo, no gel, no shaving, and no messaging of my hair. Simple and fast. QB house was the answer, however.

QB House, which stands for Quick Beauty, is like 7 Eleven stores. You can find one almost anywhere. Local malls, train stations, bus stops, at a corner streets, etc. QG Houses were established for the busy individuals who don't have a lot of time and money to spent. You get in, buy a voucher at the automatic dispenser machine (usually located in front of the main door), wait in line to be called, get your cut and you're done. Their slogan is 10 minutes Just Cut. How is that for fast. There is even a stop light signal outside the store indicating how busy that store is. It is colored coded in red, yellow, and green. You get the picture. The price of the cut is a flat 1,000yen ($10.79) which includes tips.

My hair glows like a wild fire. In 3 weeks time, I am due for a cut. This is the time where my hair gets to be unmanageable. If I delay my trip even further, I will look like a monkey roaming around the city. There is no set location for me, wherever I am at, if there is one nearby, I am there. However, if I am at home, I go to the QB house located one train station away. I like to go there early in the morning just to beat the crowd.

On this trip, I have decided to try a different place. I found a barbershop that is one block away from the house. It is a small shop with 2 seats and one barber. What the heck, let's give this a try. The worst that can happen if I don't like it is be bald for a month. We go in there and my wife explains to the barber how I want my cut. Since we were the only one at the time, I was up on the seat. He started to do his thing. Mind you, this was my first time visiting a small barbershop. I was used to electronic clippers and the what number I want for the clipper extension. I had no idea what to expect. Well, this particular barber didn't use a clipper; he used his pair of scissors the whole time, spot checking often to see if all were in the right order. After the cut, he used a shaver to cut my side burns and lower neck area. Then, he wrapped a hot towel on my head, gave me a quick hair message, and styled my hair with mousse. Now that is a royal service.

During the cut I was thinking to myself, this service has got to cost a fortune. I didn't bother to look at the price on the window before coming in and the position where I was sitting on the chair blocked the front window display. I had no idea of the price but I knew how much money I had brought. To my surprise, the cost of the cut was 1,000yen including tips! What a deal for the service I've received. This could have been 2,500yen easy elsewhere. I do believe I have found my regular barber from now on. It is call カット ステーショオン ! I might even offer my service to design a website for him :P

Sorry QB, your service was great while it lasted.

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