Ever since I bought my dslr camera back in March of 2013, I am seeing natural lightings differently. I will admit the pictures I have taken in the past were garbage. Only 1% of it were somewhat decent. Like most, I too, were taken photos in auto mode. Who wouldn't. It was quick and easy to setup. No need to understand, iso, f-stops, shutter speed mumbo jumbo. Let the camera do all that. Although the photos may looked ok, I see now that it were not. The composition was bad. Nearly all shots were either over or under exposed. Blurred photos. Heck, anyone can point and shoot. It's how you point and shoot makes a whirl of difference. No, I am not a pro in photography, just an enthusiast who should have started taken photos correctly a long time ago. Getting out of auto mode was just a kick start. Let the learning curve begin.

I have been to several places in the greater Tokyo area. One of the best cities to take night photos is at Yokohama. I have been there twice and I wish I could come back often. Unfortunately, getting to Yokohama isn't feasible. It's not the 1 1/2 hours commute time I worry most about. It's the train fair. A round-trip fare will cost me nearly 2,000 yen. A few hours roaming around the city doesn\'t quite justify the cost I am afraid.

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