If you find yourself in a foreign country and your passport book is about to expire, don't panic. Renewing a US passport abroad is straight forward, much the same way as if you are renewing the passport in the USA. I am going to explain how I renewed my passport from Japan. The idea is the same if you are living in a different country. You would need to search for the US Embassy in your country for the correct mailing address to sent in your application.

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All foreigners living in Japan will have to go through this process eventually. For some, it could be just a walk in the park and for others, a total nightmare. My visa is due to expire this December. Once again, I have to visit the immigration office. I am writing this post as a reminder for myself when I have to re-do this again in 3 years. The process is pretty simple much like obtaining a Japanese drivers license if you have gone through it once. Of course, not all of us falls in the same criteria and certain documents and or forms must be filled out accordingly. At any rate, the process is pretty much the same for any applicants. To make your process as painless as possible and to limit your trips to the office, I have provided a guideline. At the minimum, you will require to make 2 trips. Read on.

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It's official. I am a daddy! My baby Shion was born on June 14, 2011 @ 11pm. Weighing at 3210g and 49.8cm tall, I am proud of my boy. Let the fun time begins, but first we must take care of some legal matters.

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Apparently any US citizen living aboard must file IRS forms taxes according to Uncle Sam. I don`t see the point since the foreign income exclusion for 2009 was $91,400. This means a person can exclude up to that amount from US taxation. I had the luxury to filed my online income tax return this year from aboard. It was not fun, than again filing taxes forms never are.

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