I don't consider myself too picky when it comes to food. I can eat most type of Japanese food, but there are some I will not eat nor try for that matter. Anything that is not cooked and natto, I will not eat. The taste and smell does not go well with one of my taste buds. Sushi is another. I cannot pop anything uncooked into my mouth without gagging. Other than those two described, I love Japanese food. Of course, one can only eat so much of it before their taste buds starts complaining. Since I am not Japanese and I have grown up to hamburgers and hotdogs, I need a change of varity from time to time. Which leads me to another discovery while living in Japan.

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I must admit; I have a sweet tooth for any snacks that are tasty. Japan has some of the coolest okashi (snacks) around. The taste is different from your traditional snacks in the USA. For starters, Japanese pastries are not as sweet as compared to that of the US. In addition, Japanese pastries look more like an art rather food. It looks too pretty to consume.

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My first experience when I visited Japan in 1998 was how many liquid vending machines available. There were practically one on every corner of the streets. I can see them on main streets, residential areas and places I never thought there would be one. The available drinks vary. It can contain water, soda, tea, coffee, and energy drinks.

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Anita Anne's franchise Pretzel shop introduces its first store in Ikebukuro, Japan with 82 more expected to follow within five years time span. Auntie Anne's was one of my favorite soft pretzel shape bread back in the states. Although, I haven't tried their pretzel in Japan, Auntie Anne's is on my to-do list of places to vist.

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When it comes to food, I can try most things with the exception of raw fish or anything that is raw. I know sushi is the #1 delicacy in Japan, which is why I am always ashamed to answer that question to others. Do you like sushi? I have tried it in the past and the experience was not too pleasant. Let's just say that my stomach didn't agree with what I had to give it.

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