You may have read about BitTorrent including ads in their popular torrent client recently. Not everyone were pleased with this decision. Fortunately disabling these ads is just a few mouse clicks away. And the best part is you don’t need any additional software to do this. That’s right, we can disable it from within the app.

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Almost everyone who surfs the Internet probably have a Facebook account, and if you don't, you are the lucky few who were not drawn into the addictiveness of Facebook lures. For those who have an account and is fairly new in using it or am confuse about using it like me, I have a tip that will enhance your experience even more. We all know that we can upload photos to your account and share with your friends or whoever you like. Did you ever wonder why are the photos you upload via Facebook upload feature are shown smaller than what your original size are? Me too, and I don't know why. However, I do know another method of uploading your photos in high-resolution and in bulks with a few clicks of a button.

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My home web server hard drive decided to go into deep hibernation; thus, leaving several of my sites dead. I could have replaced the hard drive and re-setup again, but I am a bit sick of having to reconfigure the server all over again for the 3rd time. In addition, I am also fed up of my computer hardware failing at such an early stage of operation.

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I just picked up this awesome device call SlingBox Pro-HD by Sling Media. What this device does is allows you to watch TV on the net from anywhere in the world. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and you are set. The best thing about this is that there is no connection fee or a monthly fee. You simply purchase the unit, set it up and you are ready to go. The price ranges from $190 - $300 depending if you want to view the programs in HD quality. Keep in mind that you do need at least a 1.5MB upload speed to be able to stream video smoothly. Anything lower, the quality will be choppy and lags.

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