So you want to learn how to shoot and produce awesome images like the professionals? You can. It is quite easy and doesn't require spending $1,000s of dollars on equipment. It would help just a tad though. To get you started, all you need is a simple dlsr camera, shoot in manual mode, and a creative mind. With just those, you are off to a great start. Let me first say that I am not a professional. Just a guy who picked up a camera back in 2013 and learn to shoot out of manual mode. The key to great looking photos is not to shoot in auto, but manual mode. That and composing your shot.

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A bit late in posting my trip since I went on November 15, 2012. But better late than never. Ever since I came to Japan back in 2008, one of the many sites I wish to visit has finally come true, Hiroshima. Although Hiroshima city is small in size with a population of 1,181,410 compare to the population in Tokyo at 13,216,221 in 2012, Hiroshima first thought to one's mind is the atomic bombings on 1945.

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I had a chance to visit Ueno park this weekend. Although this wasn't my first visit, I have been there several times in the past, but I never finished seeing all there is about the park. It is actually pretty big and it is one of the famous parks in Tokyo. Within the park lies a zoo, Kaneiji temple, concert hall, and several museums. It is also home to many homeless people.

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