I've jumped on the bandwagon of Instagram since it is one of the most popular social photo sharing media now. Whether you are a business owner or a photographer trying to promote your brand or work, Instagram is the way to go. If you are currently using Instagram and am not happy with the numbers of followers you have, I have a solution for you. Before I start explaining how to gain more Real Followers, I will list some of the 'other' methods out there floating around that don't work and why this method does.

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I've moved to Japan back in the end of 2008 after living in the states for many years. My wife, whose a Japanese decent, decided she wanted to move back to her hometown. It wasn't easy having to relocate my whole life from the states to a different country. Plans started in motion a year before we physically moved. We shipped what we could and sell what we couldn't bring or pack in a box. The most time consuming process was our 3 cats we have. It wasn't as simple as just placing them in individual cases and buy their plane tickets. Japan, as well as other countries, has regulations and procedures in bringing live stocks from aboard. One of which is blood test for each cats. Japan needed to make sure our cats are not a threat to their country as for as foreign diseases are concern. The blood work took over 8 months to process along with certain documentations.

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