Hello fellow cyber friends. I have a request in which you may help fulfill. For the past months, I have been learning on my own to become a web graphic designer. To get me started, I purchased a copy of Adobe Illustrator as my graphics tool. It is a great software and I have learn so much. There is another piece of software that goes hand-in-hand with AI, I feel will definitely help me progress. This piece of software is call VectorScribe by Astute Graphics. Unfortunately, AI carries a high price tag which has set me back and am unable to purchase this plugin on my own.

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About a month ago, Tom at Expats blog interviewed me about my life in Japan. You can learn more about me living in the Far East by reading the full interview. Comments are welcome.

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I am always on the web searching for anything I find interesting. One day I was browsing on information about renewing my passport in a foreign country. By accident, I missed type my keyword and an image of an apartment popped up on the screen. My first impression of this building was that it looked real and not real. I dug in further to find out more about this image. As it turned out, the image I saw was not real but a vector illustration. However, the original image was real, the web designer had used a real photo image of a building and "trace" it into a vector illustration. I was very impressed of his work and I wanted to learn more about it.

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I was using Photoshop the other day editing some old pictures I had on my drive. I stumbled upon this special effect call tilt-shift when I was googling. It creates an illusion of any ordinary photo to make it look like miniature model. Pretty cool. You can actually get a better effect right from the camera itself; however, you would need a special lens. It is quite expensive. So Photoshop would be a cheaper alternative for me. I followed the tutorial with this link at Receding Hairline.

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Popularity of Germanium Slim Roller has flooded Japan. Thousands of these rollers have already been sold. What is it? To simply put it. The Germanium roller is a small hand-size wand use to beautify the skin and slow the aging process. It is design to work on the face, eyes, forehead, neck, and shoulders.

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