So you want to learn how to shoot and produce awesome images like the professionals? You can. It is quite easy and doesn't require spending $1,000s of dollars on equipment. It would help just a tad though. To get you started, all you need is a simple dlsr camera, shoot in manual mode, and a creative mind. With just those, you are off to a great start. Let me first say that I am not a professional. Just a guy who picked up a camera back in 2013 and learn to shoot out of manual mode. The key to great looking photos is not to shoot in auto, but manual mode. That and composing your shot.

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I've jumped on the bandwagon of Instagram since it is one of the most popular social photo sharing media now. Whether you are a business owner or a photographer trying to promote your brand or work, Instagram is the way to go. If you are currently using Instagram and am not happy with the numbers of followers you have, I have a solution for you. Before I start explaining how to gain more Real Followers, I will list some of the 'other' methods out there floating around that don't work and why this method does.

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Ever since I bought my dslr camera back in March of 2013, I am seeing natural lightings differently. I will admit the pictures I have taken in the past were garbage. Only 1% of it were somewhat decent. Like most, I too, were taken photos in auto mode. Who wouldn't. It was quick and easy to setup. No need to understand, iso, f-stops, shutter speed mumbo jumbo. Let the camera do all that. Although the photos may looked ok, I see now that it were not. The composition was bad. Nearly all shots were either over or under exposed. Blurred photos. Heck, anyone can point and shoot. It's how you point and shoot makes a whirl of difference. No, I am not a pro in photography, just an enthusiast who should have started taken photos correctly a long time ago. Getting out of auto mode was just a kick start. Let the learning curve begin.

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I was using Photoshop the other day editing some old pictures I had on my drive. I stumbled upon this special effect call tilt-shift when I was googling. It creates an illusion of any ordinary photo to make it look like miniature model. Pretty cool. You can actually get a better effect right from the camera itself; however, you would need a special lens. It is quite expensive. So Photoshop would be a cheaper alternative for me. I followed the tutorial with this link at Receding Hairline.

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