Well, it's not the coldest place on earth, but it was cold on this particular day. We had a discount voucher for the amusement park, so we decided to use it. Since we went to Disneyland last, it was only fair to choose Disney Sea this time. Going to Disney Sea wasn't planned. It was a spur of a moment thing decided the night before. My wife had requested this Friday off from work last year in December. The forecast looked great, no rain insight and it was after the holidays. Why not?

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A bit late in posting my trip since I went on November 15, 2012. But better late than never. Ever since I came to Japan back in 2008, one of the many sites I wish to visit has finally come true, Hiroshima. Although Hiroshima city is small in size with a population of 1,181,410 compare to the population in Tokyo at 13,216,221 in 2012, Hiroshima first thought to one's mind is the atomic bombings on 1945.

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Anita Anne's franchise Pretzel shop introduces its first store in Ikebukuro, Japan with 82 more expected to follow within five years time span. Auntie Anne's was one of my favorite soft pretzel shape bread back in the states. Although, I haven't tried their pretzel in Japan, Auntie Anne's is on my to-do list of places to vist.

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One of my cats, Miffy, pasted away on October 25. We raised her when she was a kitten when we were still living in the states. During that time, she has had no complications as far as health issues were concern. She was very healthy and active as a house cat. Of course, she may at times be somewhat frisky with us, but it is in their nature to act this way.

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Japanese dishes are great; however, sometimes your taste bud needs to take a break from it all and try different dishes. If you are into Mexican food and are around Tokyo area, you can stop by this small fast food joint call Frijoles located in Azabu-Juban.

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