When it comes to working in Japan, it is not all fun and game. All Japanese in the workforce take their jobs seriously. Either white or blue collar workers. Their mentalities are equally the same. They are strong-minded,sincere,polite, and above all they are punctual. Whether there'd earthquakes, tsunami, thunder/lighten storms, or heavy rain, Japanese will find their way to get to work one way or another.

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If you have visited Japan in the past or currently living here, you would also agree with me in that Japan's railway system is very convenient & precise to the seconds. No doubt, Tokyo area is heavily populated with people and lands are scarce. Driving around Tokyo is like driving in New York city. It's nearly impossible to get around conveniently not to mention there are no parking spaces. Quickly you will learn that taking the train is your best option to travel around and about Japan. Most of the popular attractions are located within walking distance from the train stations as a matter of fact.

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Japanese driving laws is somewhat unusual to me. The process of obtaining a license involves series of tests. I can't remembered exactly, but there are 2 written and 2 driving exams one must take before obtaining the official license. It is not like the US where a student can obtain a learner`s permit and anyone that is older than 21 of age can teach that person to drive. The driving test in Japan is different to say the least.

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