Well, it's not the coldest place on earth, but it was cold on this particular day. We had a discount voucher for the amusement park, so we decided to use it. Since we went to Disneyland last, it was only fair to choose Disney Sea this time. Going to Disney Sea wasn't planned. It was a spur of a moment thing decided the night before. My wife had requested this Friday off from work last year in December. The forecast looked great, no rain insight and it was after the holidays. Why not?

It was definitely a great day forecast. No clouds and no rain. Just clear blue sky. What we didn't expected on this day was the chill factor. Sure we bundled up with warm clothes, hats, gloves, and thermals, but being outdoors most of the time and near the ocean didn't kept us warm. In fact, my wife nearly froze to death while waiting in line for a lunch buffet at 11 am. We took turns standing in line while one of us stand under the sun. Not that it helped much. We preferred waiting indoors instead.

Overall, we had a great time. My son now had experienced being in both happiest place on earth. I seriously doubt he will remember being here when he becomes of age and starts speaking. But hey, that is what pictures are for right? In addition, we got to try apple cinnamon flavored popcorn.

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